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CTS has undertaken a major role in the recent success of the EMV migration project in Malaysia.  Our highly secured Visa and MasterCard compliant EMV software suites and professional services were engaged by majority of the EMV card issuers or certified independent service bureaus.  In addition to this, the company also provides end-to-end solution from supply of highly secured cards to personalization and fulfillment of cards.Over the years, we have provided card issuance solutions, card personalization systems, hardware security modules, key management system, and EMV data preparation system to most of Malaysia’s card issuers.

  Project References  

The following list showed our experiences in relation to EMV and Card Issuance that have been provided by CTS companies:

- EMV Migration for Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (2002)

- EMV Migration for Bumiputra Commerce Bank (2003)

- EMV Card Personalization System for AmBank (2003)

- EMV Card Personalization System for MBf Cards (2003)  

- EMV Card Personalization System for Alliance Bank (2003)   

- EMV Card Personalization System for EON Bank (2004)   

- EMV Card Personalization System for Southern Bank (2004)   

- EMV MChip on Multos I4D Implementation for BIDB, Brunei (2005)

- EMV Personalization Software for ASCC (2005)

- EMV Back-up Personalization Software for ASCC (2005)

- American Express Credit Card System Consultancy for Maybank (2006)

- Card Personalization System for ABN Amro (2006)

- EMV Card Personalization System for Modular Corporation (2006)

- Kiosk for e-SSM for Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (2007)

- Credit Card Operational Consultancy for Baiduri Bank, Brunei (2007)

- Security Access Module (SAM Card) for Contactless Terminal, BNI, Indonesia  (2008)

- EMV Data Management Software for CIMB Bank (2008)

- Card Mailing System for CIMB Bank (2008)         

- EMV Card Personalization Software for EMV Personalization Recovery Center (2008)

- Card Personalization System for ID Card, Nadra, Pakistan (2008)

- EMV Migration for Asia Commercial Bank, Vietnam - an end to end migration from card supply, EMV

. software, testing tool, EMV Consultancy (2009)

- Complete Embossing File Encryption and Management Software for CIMB Bank (2009) 

- High Security Module upgrade for MBf Card Services (2009)

- Xpressi Branch Issuance for CIMB Bank, the 2nd largest bank in Malaysia (2009)                          

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