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NBS desktop card embossers continue to be industry leaders in quality, reliability and performance. We offer several optional upgrades to our Advantage brand of desktop embossers such as:

> magnetic encoding

> smart card

> color tipping

> indent printing

> monochrome thermal printing

> automatic card stacking

> also supports all Visa and MasterCard security characters, etc.

Our embossers are ideal for environments that are required to produce embossed cards. The Advantage 2000 M1™ is ideal for healthcare settings whereas the Advantage 2000 M2™/M3™ are great solutions for the financial market (debit/credit cards).

Check out the newest addition to the Advantage family - the Advantage™ M20. When teamed up with our Xpressi ™ software, you have the perfect, and afforadable, solution for financial branch instant card issuance of EMV / chip compliant cards.

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