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Distributed / Remote / Branch
Instant Card Issuance Solution

Distributed / Remote / Branch instant debit or credit card issuance is a convenient and customer-centric service wherein personalized cards are issued instantly at the branch level, yet the security/design can be managed centrally. This concept has enabled financial institutions to offer their customers personalized debit cards or credit cards, instantly.

NBS offers a wide variety of hardware solutions including Javelin™ card printers as well as Advantage™ card embossers for distributed / remote / branch instant card issuance. Coupled with Xpressi™, our EMV / chip card-compliant remote and branch issuance software, financial institututions worldwide can be both EMV/chip card compliant and continue to offer the "instant", on-the-spot type of customer service that banking customers have come to know and expect. Our Distributed / Remote / Branch card issuance solution is flexible, yet reliable.

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