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EMV / Chip Card Issuance Solutions

Eliminating credit card fraud is the driving force behind the global migration to EMV™ (Europay Mastercard® Visa®) - also referred to as chip card technology. Although migrating to the EMV / chip card standard is beneficial to financial institutions and their clients alike, most financial institutions are finding the migration process both a daunting and confusing task. That's where NBS can help. Migrating to single and multi-application EMV / chip cards requires a card issuance solution that integrates sophisticated data preparation, security, key management and EMV / chip card configuration control. Unlike standard magnetic stripe cards, the issuance of EMV / chip cards requires the preparation of specialized personalization scripts, application and card keys and issuer certificates. NBS can aid in the whole EMV / chip card migration/compliance process - we have over 90 operational EMV / chip card installations worldwide - our experience and technical savvy is second to none.

So, whether your business is a large financial institution centrally producing high volumes of debit/credit cards or a small credit union offering debit cards instantly to your members, we have the software, hardware and in-house experts to make the migration simple. Both our distributed / remote / branch instant EMV card issuance and central EMV card issuance solutions give your business the flexibility to meet your growing business needs as well as ensuring complete EMV / chip card compliance.

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